Eco-wipers, based in Spartanburg SC, provides a full line of ecologically resposible wiping cloths to the public as well as institutional and industrial markets. Wipers are most suited for cleaning glass, metal, plastic, wood or ceramics, dirty hands, or used with degreasers for cleaning auto parts and paint. Food service companies, janitorial firms, paint companies, and also general public can purchase Eco-Wipers through major retailers in a variety of sizes and colors.

Eco-Wipers benefits from its relationship to Martex Fiber, the 30 year old leader in textile recycling and textile waste removal solutions. All product offerings are environmentally responsible because they are derived from pre-consumer cloth that has been reclaimed by Martex Fiber after cut and sew process of apparel.

For Eco-Wipers there is no need to grow new cotton for yarns or make new knitted fabric, so water is spared and no toxic chemicals and dyes are added to our water streams. The wiper line complements the company's other environmentally friendly offerings, which include Jimtex Yarns for apparel and home furnishings and Martex Fibers' industrial fill and batting products, all made from recycled fibers.